Monday, August 15, 2016

Experimental Trials for Alzheimer's

   Experimental trials worth mentioning include but are not exclusively : 
1. Infusion therapies to recruit the immune system : solanezumab, aducanumab.
2. To prevent destruction of brain connections : saracatinib which  turns off Fyn, a brain protein which when over-activated triggers destruction of connections between brain cells ( ie. synapses). 
3. Beta-amyloid production blockers such as beta- and gamma- secretase inhibitors. 
4. Tau aggregation inhibitors and tau vaccines to prevent tau from forming the tangles seen in Alzheimer's. 
5. Reduce chronic, low-level inflammation eg. pioglitazone (Actos). 
6. Insulin nasal spray to alter insulin changes in Alzheimer brains. 
7. Modulating known risk factors eg. hypertension, diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol and heart disease. 
8. Estrogen-based hormone therapy to protect women with a higher risk of Alzheimer's.