Monday, December 28, 2015

Christian Prusinski OMSII Taunts the Camera Daring to Eat the Poisonous Ackee

Ackee (Blighia sapida) is a Jamaican favorite despite its lethality. The yellow part of the fruit is boiled and served with salted fish. The scientific name honors Captain William Bligh who took the fruit from Jamaica to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, England in 1793 and introduced it to science. The fruit was imported to Jamaica from West Africa likely on a slave ship. The fruit contains the toxins hypoglycin A and B which when ingested uncooked leads to Jamaican vomitting sickness and hypoglycemia. It is a major export from Jamaica ($4.5 million US). 

Dr. Prusinski Meets with Senator Mark Kirk for Illinois

Christopher Prusinski,DO,FAHA,FAAN and Steven Lewis,FAAN meet with Senator Mark Kirk (a victim of stroke himself) for Illinois to discuss supporting the FAST Act to improve access to Neurologists in urban and suburban ares (those areas most effected by stroke) to improve stroke care and reduce costs to medicare overall. Of course, continued funding of the BRAIN initiative (Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) a cause personal to Dr. Prusinski is always emphasized with every meeting with lawmakers.

Capitol Hill Success II : Three Trips To DC for Dr. P in 2015 Pay Off (for his patients/caregivers)

Phenylbutyrate : A Promising Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

  University of Colorado School of Medicine researchers have found that phenylbutyrate stops the progression of PD in mice. The drug, previously approved for treatment of a rare metabolic disease in infants, has been found to increase alpha-synuclein in the bloodstream of both patients with early PD and age matched controls. Alpha-synuclein accumulates in excess in the brain's of patients with PD. Therefore, the finding of an increase in alpha-synuclein in the blood of phenylbutyrate treated patients with PD suggests that this protein that accumulates in excess in their brain's is being cleared by the drug. This new research follows the earlier study of Zhou as published in 2011.
J Biol Chem 2011;286:1491-1451

Capitol Hill Success

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015 : Supervisors Look On

Dr. Prusinski demonstrates ear lavage to Christian Prusinski OMSII as intrigued  children critique his technique.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: "I can't hear mon !"

Profoundly hearing impaired patient...after EAC lavage by Christian and me (resulting in a Guiness World record 3cm cerumen impaction extracted from the left ear and similar result on the right) had complete return of hearing and resolution of tinnitus as inspired supervising perspective future  physicians observe in amazement. IRIE my Jamaican extended family.

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: Shy Guy

Christian warms the hearts of children. 
This little guy's heart was melted by his classmate Adobe...the eldest of 6....who managed little ones with grace, humor and professionalism. Making this crying and screaming patient upon his arrival a cooperative and contented one.
This was our last day in a partial structure with a cross...another place of worship.

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: MARY

Two day old "Mary" (umbilical cord still attached).
 Mary was a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow and every where that Pr. P went Mary was sure to go...

Note her horizontal slit pupils that allow for best vision while head-down grazing which reduces light from light above and below and maximizing peripheral vision to better see approaching predators. Thank you for the lesson in pupil size in animals Christian ! Miss you Mary ! Could have done without the baby goat meconium stool on my scrubs the remainder of the day though....

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: Newest member of NEURO-SPEED RACING Team

Gave Kuway a race sponsor cap through a barb-wired fence, his friend a nitrile glove balloon. I said ..."let me take your photo".... he ran blindingly fast to hide behind this pump station which dispensed water collected in a huge sloping concrete reservoir above...then empty.... only to cheekily appear to give me a peek. So cute. God speed Kuway, until we meet again.

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: New Recruits to the Medical Profession

Each day my son Christian and I would give scrubs to young people saying "go to school, study hard, become a doctor and join us in doing that which were called to do....viz. care for the sick and serve your Jamaican people. Change lives. Give of yourself selflessly. There is great  honor in doing so."

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: DO's only PLEASE

This patient's pelvis was rotated anteriorly 3 cm ! His chief complaint...low back pain. After OMT (yes ...even an old timer Neurologist can resurrect his Osteopathic skills ....well learned at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine). After treatment ...the patient declared ...."it's a miracle !"

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: RIP

In front of another "clinic" in another place of worship the Yates lie in repose as a family goat kindly trims the grass behind them. Henry's epitaph "Sleeping beneath the sod, thy spirit with thy God".

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: New Grips

Each day I'd look for the person without footwear and gave them new ones. A different way to give back to the Jamaican people that gave us much love and appreciation, each in their own way. I saw Pierre, seen here, shoeless again at the end of the day ! His new sandals were put aside play "football" of course, with his mates.

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: Pharmacy on stage at another site

Christian Prusinski OMSII dispenses medicine to waiting patients early in the day...ultimately 62 patients were cared for which ranged from wound dressing to Osteopathic manual treatment.  In Christian's case, a proud 3rd generation Osteopath, caring for the sick, especially the poor sick, is a calling and a privilege. His grandpa Chet (KCCOM '64) would be so proud.

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: Lunch

Our hosts were in the kitchen long before our early morning arrival preparing their specialty...chicken soup...where nothing is wasted ...including chicken feet and cerebellum ( apparent only to a knowledgable eye ). 

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: My friend Miles Preparing to Plant Irish Potatoes

Families bury loved ones on their own property, which can be seen behind "Milly" who, by days end, had hoed nearly the entire slope behind the church by day's end.

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: Christian Prusinski OMSII sets up exam space

  Christian Prusinski OMSII and Team 2 find creative ways to create space to examine patients. Despite the teams best patients felt comfortable enough for thorough exams in our makeshift back corner extra private space created for just that purpose. Many were seen, all were served.
  At the end of the day I was asked to make a house call on the pastor's brother Mervin who was bed bound and at the end of his battle with multiple myeloma with metastases to bone. We drove up the equivalent of a goat's path to the pastor's home. Mervin's primary complaint despite his emaciated state was "burning urination". A urine sample tested in his room revealed the cause...a urinary tract infection which we treated.
  Stories were exchanged, smiles were elicited from the Mervin, the pastor and our student team. The lesson : sometimes as physicians we are called upon to improve an individual's quality of life ...even at its end.

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: Downtown