Saturday, November 24, 2018

Cause Found for Polio-like Acute Flacid Myelitis in Children

  Sporadic outbreaks of Enterovirus (EV) type A71 cause several syndromes, mostly affecting children less than 5 years of age and occur in spring to fall months in North America.
  Syndromes include : pharyngitis, gastroenteritis, exanthems such as the so-called hand/foot/and mouth disease and the severe neurologic syndromes including meningitis, encephalitis, and AFM with flaccid paralysis.
  EV-A71 was identified in nasopharyngeal or rectal specimens BUT very Rarely from spinal fluid.
MMWR Morb Wkly Rep 2018 Sep 14;67:107

Prevalence of Low Back Pain has Increased 100% in the Last Decade

  Low back pain is a major cause of disability and is a major public health issue.
  Occupational exposure that includes hard work, frequent standing, sitting, bending, twisting and concentration demands are risk factors for low back pain (Occup Environ Med 1997;54:742). 
The prevalence of low back pain has increased 100% in the last decade (F1000Research 2016;5:1530)
  The finding of this study provides significant evidence Lumbosacral Radiculopathy can be considered a work related disease especially those jobs that depend on exposure to bending of the trunk, carrying and lifting.
  Of note, there was NOT an association between professional driving or sitting and LRS.
Neurology 2018 Sep 18;91:558

TAI CHI Most Effective For Fall Prevention

  Researchers in Oregon studied elders at high risk for falls. Tai ji quan (better known as Tai Chi) was found to be superior at decreasing risk of falls in this population compared to previously emphasized mutimodal exercise : (strengthening, aerobic training, balance training and flexibility exercises) and stretching.
JAMA INT MED 2018 Sep 10