Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jamaica Medical Mission 2015: Christian Prusinski OMSII sets up exam space

  Christian Prusinski OMSII and Team 2 find creative ways to create space to examine patients. Despite the teams best patients felt comfortable enough for thorough exams in our makeshift back corner extra private space created for just that purpose. Many were seen, all were served.
  At the end of the day I was asked to make a house call on the pastor's brother Mervin who was bed bound and at the end of his battle with multiple myeloma with metastases to bone. We drove up the equivalent of a goat's path to the pastor's home. Mervin's primary complaint despite his emaciated state was "burning urination". A urine sample tested in his room revealed the cause...a urinary tract infection which we treated.
  Stories were exchanged, smiles were elicited from the Mervin, the pastor and our student team. The lesson : sometimes as physicians we are called upon to improve an individual's quality of life ...even at its end.

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