Friday, July 19, 2013

New Treatment for Pseudotumor Cerebri

  A team of neuro-radiologists and neurosurgeons at Johns Hopkins treated 12 patients with pseudotumor cerebri that failed drug treatment, weight loss and dieting by placing a stent via angiography into the transverse sinus of the brains of these individuals. The team employed the novel use of intravascular ultrasound imaging to place the 2 inch long stent thereby freeing the narrowing of the transverse sinus in these individuals and facilitating spinal fluid drainage, the accumulation of which causes increased pressure in the head and upon optic nerves inducing blindness. 10 of the 12 patients had a complete and lasting recovery.
  The condition is tied to obesity which is a growing epidemic in this country.
  The study will require verification and further research as to what causes the transverse sinus to narrow.
  One wonders if this treatment approach can be applied to other forms of intracranial hypertension.
Jrnl Of Neuro-Opthamology online March 14,2013

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