Saturday, March 30, 2013

Amyloid PET Scans Not Deemed to Improve Alzheimer Outcomes

  Members of a Medicare advisory panel (MEDCAC) concluded that there is insufficient evidence that PET scans completed using a new radioimaging contrast agent that identifies amyloid-beta burden in patients (amyvid, that received FDA approval last spring, as previously reported) improves health outcomes in suspected cases of early AD.
  This reaffirms the previously stated conundrum of neurologists that ask "Ok, so my patient has a significant amyloid-beta burden on PET scan, now what ?" as there are no universally accepted methods of treatment for such AND no clear evidence in humans that doing so affects the course of the disease. In addition, there is evidence in animal models of AD that amyloid-beta like proteins have an anti-microbial effect (neuro-protective at levels that are not neuro-toxic)
MEDCAC Jan 30,2013

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